Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Studio Tour!

1: Dry Erase Calendar. Helpful for keeping on task. I haven't erased anything from it since 2008. I don't even know what month is listed there
2: 13" Macbook Pro. Fun toy. Usually has a script up, or a reference file.
3: 2 x 17" Studio Displays. Old but still work fantastically.
4: Intel G5 tower thingy. She has logged some miles.
5: Lightbox. For.. stuff.
6: Wacom 6"x9" Tablet. eBay find, super cheap, and super useful for how I use it.
7: Guarding the Globe pages.

1: Mirror for acting out silly poses/expressions. Thanks animation classes!
2: 3-way light that has been around... forever. One of the lights is red, it helps pick up nonphoto blue pages.
3: Dog and Cat themed Calendar. Just for awesomeness.
4: Table. Cheap, portable, and loved.
5: Ink testing paper taped to the table. Many a brush point have been found on this paper.
6: Candle and Art Supply case. Was my Grandfather's which he had when he worked for GE as a draftsman. It has great shelving in it and is so perfect for what I'm using it for.
7: Clutter because I don't have time to clean.

1: Reference books. Mostly Invincible and Brit collections.
2: That same old huge stack of the first three issues of GtG.
3: HP 9800 printer. More than likely with full Magenta, Yellow, and Black cartridges.
4: Papers. For sketching and for pages. I use Strathmore 500 series boards for work.
5: Page and art holding... thing.
6: Epson scanner. HUGE.
7: Sean Murphy Hellblazer art that I need to put back in its home.
8: Marvel pages.

That's about it.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I did this a couple weeks back. Decided to share.

Photoshop and about a half hour's time.