Monday, January 29, 2007

18: and yet 22...

Ok, so today is my 22nd birthday and I was happy to see that I had a huge Philosophy test today. Nothing like writing 6 pages by hand for one question on Plato and Socrates' Republic. If you even say the word "virtue" to me I may be sick. Anyway. Gifts were received. My dad got me a really awesome David Finch and Danny Miki Moon Knight page. It is unreal. I may post a picture of it soon. He also got me the Finch sketchbook along with Leinil Yu's sketchbook which are both really cool artists if I say so myself. Sister got me two sweet Battle Pope tpb's and I look forward to looking through those!
Anyway. Enough about that. I'm going to be throwing up some of my layout stuff here in a bit but I did some doodles and thought I'd share them. They are in various stages and various levels of completeness.. but here.

More attempts to draw women that don't look like men with eyeliner.

Cartoony drawing of Sir Ian as Magneto while watching X3

Referenced photo, but loosely, again... Rod Guen told me the best way to draw women is through observation... I'm working on it.

Real quick Green Lantern head sketch with sharpie.

Special thanks to Ms. Sarah Goodreau for the perfect rotation of the images. Without her skill, everyone would be left tilting their heads so extremely that heads would get stuck... or worst of all possibly fall off. So thank her. And check out her blog.

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Andy P Black said...

Hey there Mike!! Congrats on turnin...22...heh, anyway love your stuff, the girl in-particular, and I hope that things are going well so far this quarter! Just set up my blog, so you can check out what I've been up to...aside from being 30...