Monday, August 18, 2008



So I normally try to leave coloring to the professionals. But silly me, I've started to get a little itchy and wanted to broaden my range... ha. I colored up the pinup that I posted previously digitally. I spent a little too long on it, but I am happy with the results. Although, I will NEVER start another image without knowing what a character's color scheme will be. That Soviet Reaniman, had just about every possible combination of red, gold, and black you can imagine....

And then I got cocky. Confidence is a terrible thing. I tried to tackle some real life coloring techniques and I broke out the watercolors. I feel like they tore me a new one, buuuut, I will be playing around with it more until I get it right. This was my first attempt at painting in nearly three years, so not terrible, but not good. Hopefully I'll do some more soon. And hopefully, they will improve. Also, these look darker and less pink/purple in real life, but I refused to digitally retouch them.



Neil said...

Good job on the colors on the Invincible piece. I like the attention to detail like the reflection of the blue costume on the Soviet's armor. The one thing that I'm not sure I liked is the sky. It looks too realistic compared to the rest of the background. Was it an actual picture of the sky inserted in there? If not, great job on it. I'm just not sure it fits in with everything else being flat(er). Overall, though, it looks as good or better than some professional work I've seen.

Your water colors look good too. They're a pain to work woth and not very forgiving.

I hope you do more of this kind of stuff.

Dane said...

Looking Great Mike, keep up the good work. Glad to see you posting more.

Sam Ellis and MissleMan said...

Water colors are awesome dude, and it looks like you have a decent signature there finally.

Ransoms My Middle Name said...

First off thanks for the comments!

-Neil: As far as the clouds go, I did think about the level of detail I wanted to put into them. Especially when offset against the more cutout look of the characters. I settled on the gradient because I thought it blended into the background. And as for the clouds, just used a brush I made. All in all, after the selection was made, the background took roughly 1 minute to do. So it was part out of efficiency, and partly because I knew I was laying down some text over it. The higher level of detail would read through all the text better than a more graphic approach to the clouds. In a nut shell, that is what I was thinkin. Here is a link to the finished pinup