Sunday, November 09, 2008


Well! It has been a while hasn't it? Long breaks deserve long posts so here we go!

First, URGENT business!

Tonight, November 9th, at Midnight, marks the premiere of the AdultSwim show The Xtacles! I was lucky enough to do a little spot illustration work for the second episode and think this show turned out great! The first two episodes will be debuted tonight so I would really appreciate all ya'lls staying up late and watching this show. Cartoon Network, Sunday night, midnight. If you liked Frisky Dingo, or Sealabs 2021, you will love this show. More on that at a later time!


If any of you picked up issue 53 of Invincible, you may have noticed that the pinup I posted earlier found its way into the book! I was super excited to see my work in probably my favorite comic. I've liked that series since first picking it up. So thanks to Kirkman and the whole crew for doing that for me! On a comical side note, I did think it was funny how the compositions were humorously similar when comparing Invincible on the cover and my pinup. To again clear things up, I was doing a recreation of Herp Trimpe's Incredible Hulk # 181.


I was playing around with some concept work ideas and techniques. Trying to continue to develop some sense of how to color. So, for some reason this monster sketch came out.

Since I last posted, we had an election thingy! This marked the first year I voted in the Presidential election and I felt it was a good year to start. Without getting too preachy, I was happy to see Senator Obama come out on top, though I do like Senator McCain. Though he may have his work cut out for himself, I wish President-elect Obama all the best. Good stuff. Nice to see people voting FOR a candidate as opposed to voting AGAINST another.

Well, I think that was long enough kids. I will be back again with more soon, I'll try to sit down and do more stuff that can be posted. So thanks for still stopping by! And if there are any misspellings or errors in all of this, I apologize, but I'm not going to reread it all and correct things. It's Late.


Chus said...

There's nothing more exciting than a midnight premiere of a cartoon series, especially one from Sealab 2021's Matt Thompson. The new Adult Swim show is actually a spin-off from Thompson's other well-known work, Frisky Dingo. Its widely anticipated third season hasn't been aired yet, but the series creators came up with a solution. Just this weekend, Adult Swim launched the first two episodes of The Xtacles.

Dane said...

Awesome man, just cought the xtacles Great stuff!

draigstudio said...

Very sweet stuff. I toally missed xtacles, but Ill check it out!